• Stay Healthy, Stay Smart! Plan

  • The following is a detailed explanation of our Stay Healthy, Stay Smart! Plan, including recent updates to our on-site testing program, public health guidance and the policies and procedures parents need to know. This is provided in an FAQ format, with any recent substantive changes to the plan shown with an "updated" date in the respective FAQs.

    Through our partnership with Northshore Clinical Labs, we are able to provide a comprehensive on-site polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing program at no cost to parents. We have staff trained to administer on-site testing, and Northshore is providing weekly screening testing. Participation in any, all or none of the following three testing options is absolutely a parent decision. Our goal is to provide as many options as possible, and following are more details. 

    As-Needed Symptom Testing - If a child exhibits specific symptoms at school, under the guidance the child must be excluded until free from flu-like symptoms (diarrhea or vomiting) for 48 hours, symptom-free for 24 hours, as well as test negative for COVID-19. For parents who register and consent for this option in advance, we are able to provide the PCR test before the child leaves school. The results will likely be available the next day to inform parental decisions about the health needs of their child and families, as well as provide guidance on when the child can return to school should the test provide a negative result. Symptom testing is provided by trained school staff.

    Weekly Screening Testing - This is an option for parents who want their asymptomatic child tested weekly at school. Obviously, students who test positive will be excluded from the school setting per the health guidance, but it will allow parents to have weekly confirmation of their child's health status as it relates to COVID-19. If registration and consent has not been provided, parents can register the previous week for the following week. This testing is provided every Monday during the school day, and the district will communicate with parents in advance regarding the planned testing schedule when Monday is a school holiday. The testing process is the same, but Northshore staff will provide the screening testing for parents who choose to have their children participate in weekly screening testing.

    Test-to Stay for Unvaccinated Students - Our Test-to-Stay Program has been approved by the Board of Education and thoughtfully planned under Illinois Department of Public Health guidance. The program provides a potential tool to keep our unvaccinated students healthy and safe, while also remaining in school after a close contact in the school setting. Only students who meet very stringent criteria that result in an answer of YES to the specified questions will initially qualify for test-to-stay, and the local health department could also determine that a child is not eligible even if our protocols allow for participation. Every other day testing is provided by trained school staff and additional information is under the Test-to-Stay Program details.

    Parent Registration and Consent - Parents of participating students are required to complete complete the Concord Elementary Testing Registration Form OR the Cass Junior High Testing Registration Form for each child at the respective school. The Jotform utilized by Northshore allows for submission of consent and the necessary documents. Here is more information on Jotform security. There is no deadline for participation and we anticipate this program being in place for the entirety of the school year. Consent may NOT be provided on site at school and must be completed in advance through the portal.


  • 1. What is the current Cass 63 COVID-19 data?

  • 2. Will the district offer a full remote option this year?

  • 3. Will the district support my child if exclusion or quarantine is necessary?

  • 4. What are the symptoms that will require my child to remain home from school?

  • 5. How does the on-site COVID testing program work? (updated 9-24-21)

  • 6. What types of on-site testing are available? (updated 9-24-21)

  • 7. Why is insurance and state identification information necessary if there is no charge for the testing?

  • 8. How do I register and consent to testing for my child? (updated 9-24-21)

  • 9. Under the guidance, what is the definition of a "close contact"?

  • 10. Will “close contacts” to a positive case still be required to be excluded? (updated 9-27-21)

  • 11. If my child is required to quarantine under public health guidance, how long will the quarantine period last? (updated 9-27-21)

  • 12. If my child needs to be excluded and isolate at home due to symptoms, what is required for him or her to return to school? (updated 9-27-21)

  • 13. What about siblings or other children in my household?

  • 14. What is our family is traveling?

  • 15. Are masks required at school?

  • 16. Are there guidelines for what types of masks must be worn?

  • 17. Are masks required on the school bus?

  • 18. Are masks required outdoors or during recess?

  • 19. Will mask breaks for students be provided?

  • 20. Will kids have to mask all year?

  • 21. Does the school district continue to provide low risk exposure notifications?

  • 22. Will the school district encourage vaccinations to parents?

  • 23. Will the school district require students to be vaccinated?

  • 24. Does the district require proof of vaccinations for students who are vaccinated?

  • 25. Once my child is vaccinated, how do I provide proof to the school if I choose to do so?

  • 26. Will my child be asked about their vaccine status by teachers or staff?

  • 27. Will symptom certification be required?

  • 28. Is contact tracing conducted in the event of a positive case?

  • 29. How will things work in the lunchroom?

  • 30. Is the school district providing air purifiers in certain rooms?

  • 31. Have the cleaning procedures been modified?

  • 32. Are student lockers being utilized again?

  • 33. Is before and after school care available to parents and families?

  • 34. Are extracurricular activities available to students?

  • 35. What about parent volunteers, field trips, concerts and other normal activities?

  • 36. Where can I learn more about how to get my family vaccinated?

  • 37. Who can I contact with questions?