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6th Grade Parents – Advanced English Language Arts Information

  • Dear 6th Grade Parents,

    As we return from Spring Break, we are already looking forward to the new school year. With this thought in mind, we are sending this letter to inform you about the seventh grade advanced/accelerated English Language Arts class (ELA). Identification for this class is determined according to a matrix of components: standardized reading and writing achievement scores and teacher/parent evaluation. Qualification for this class is based on data compiled from multiple sources. 

    This class was established many years ago in response to both parent and teacher concerns regarding a more challenging, rigorous, and advanced curriculum for those students who may be eligible for Honors level classes at Hinsdale South. As educators, we are always looking to provide our highly able and strongly motivated students with opportunities to be challenged, grow and work with peers of similar abilities.

    The purpose of this class is to challenge those students who have shown great promise in the regular ELA classes. The advanced ELA class provides students with a program that is diverse, interesting, and complex in order to enhance their abilities. Furthermore, the class is designed with the gifted reader in mind, with the critical thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation at the forefront of instruction.

    Please discuss this placement with your child. He/She needs to be prepared to participate in an accelerated curriculum and to meet rigorous expectations in both reading and writing. If you think your child might qualify for this class, please complete the form on the link provided here Click here (no later than April 23). Please note that filling out the form does not guarantee that a student will be placed in Advanced ELA; the form is one piece of necessary data for the identification matrix. Final data will be compiled soon thereafter, and letters will be sent home in early June, once the placement has been determined.

    Please feel free to contact Principal Christine Marcinkewicz at cmarcinkewicz@cassd63.org or Teacher Audrey Vaci at avaci@cassd63.org with questions or concerns.


    Mrs. Christine Marcinkewicz
    Cass Junior High School Principal