Our Mission

  • Cass School District 63 exists to promote the worth, dignity and learning capabilities of its Community of Learners, Staff and Leadership.

    Everyone within the District is charged with providing encouragement, guidance and an environment to develop the full potential of all learners.

    This school district will provide knowledge that can be applied effectively throughout life for each person to maintain human values, contribute to society and apply functional skills for self-support and personal success while being responsible fiscal stewards.

Our Vision

  • Develop a rigorous instructional blueprint, which supports critical thinking, problem solving, real life skills, social emotional development and creativity that provides a supportive structure for the diversity of learners and challenges students to become successful and productive contributing members of the community and global society.

    Implement and assess exemplary instructional practices that utilize all available resources, promote positive participation and engagement and use creative techniques and differentiated methods to create a student-centered culture while supporting educators by providing opportunities to enhance optimal effectiveness while maintaining an annual balanced budget.

    Foster a climate that maintains a safe, nurturing student-centered environment and establishes effective two-way communication that instills pride and enhances a positive partnership with the community.