4th Grade Parents - High Math information for 5th Grade

  • Dear 4th Grade Parents,

    As the fourth quarter begins, we are already looking forward to the new school year and the next chapter in your child’s education. With this thought in mind, we are sending this letter to inform you about the process to identify high math students for Cass Junior High School. Identification for this class is determined according to a matrix of components: standardized math achievement scores and teacher/parent evaluation. Qualification for this class is based on data compiled from multiple sources.

    The purpose of this class is to challenge those students who have shown great promise in their foundational math classes. The class provides students with a program that is diverse, interesting and complex in order to enhance their abilities. The class is designed with the gifted student in mind, with critical thinking skills and problem solving at the forefront of instruction.

    If you think your child might qualify for this class, please complete the form on the link provided here Click Here for Survey (no later than April 16, 2021). Final data will be compiled during the summer to prepare for fall schedules.

    Please feel free to contact Principal Christine Marcinkewicz at or Teacher Kristin Kaplan at should you have any questions or concerns.


    Mrs. Christine Marcinkewicz
    Cass Junior High School Principal